Faith and Fear

Justin Williams

Keywords: Fear, Faith, God, Pathos

The message that I want my readers to get is that when you have God in your life, there is nothing that you should fear, because he is the ruler of all things, and he is the one that can control your destiny. We sometimes allow fear to take over us because we feel like we can’t do something because we are so scared. Fear is one of my key words and I chose this because it plays a big role in what I am writing, the same is true with God.


Erica Campbell, a Christian motivational speaker, states that nothing is impossible when you put your faith in God.

The way she gets her message across is she tells her audience, specifically Christians, about her personal life experiences so they can know that she is honest. For example, she tells us about the time when she was scared to go on stage, and she was letting fear enter her mind, so she almost didn’t do it. But she took a deep breath and prayed before she went on stage. She says that “I could feel all of the fear leaving by body,” leading to one of her best performances, and that was just the beginning of her career. Campbell tells her audience to reflect on their own life and connect to what she describes.

This message may not be meaningful to people who are not Christians. My counter argument is that if you don’t believe in God or have something else that you believe in, this message may not be for you. I say that because when someone has their faith in something else, it is very hard to convince people to change their mind, because that is all they have known their whole life. As Campbell states “My message is not for everyone. If you’re not a believer in Christ, then you should leave now” (Fear over Faith). Fear, however, can play a very big part in anyone’s life, so her message is for everyone to understand that they do not have to be afraid of fear itself. For me, it can be overcome by the love of God.


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