Book Title: Sharing Gratitude (January Sample)

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Over the last several months, while thinking about gratitude and the power of sharing positivity, I started asking people to send their best gratitude stories to me.

The instructions were that the story be an appreciation of something in daily life, a recounting of something they’ve done for someone else or something someone else has done for them, or something they’ve observed.

Of course, gratitude takes many forms. These collected stories are about something big and small, known and anonymous, recent and long ago.

All the submissions are now published in a volume called Sharing Gratitude: Daily Reflections, which has been published through Library Partners Press.

These are not Wake Forest stories specifically – which is to say the stories shared aren’t specific to Wake Forest – but I did launch the project by asking some of my classmates, colleagues, and former students to contribute. Since then, the project has grown.

Want a print copy? You can find the book for sale here.

Send your questions to me by email,, and we’ll share some gratitude.







Sharing Gratitude (January Sample)

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