About the Authors

Matt Albren is a Communication Major hailing from Massachusetts who loves to tell good stories and to be told good stories. Although he wishes his power as an individual could take the shape of those like Luke Skywalker’s or Doctor Strange’s, he has become satisfied with the knowledge that power doesn’t need to be fantastical—in fact, he knows that a piece of paper, a pen, and a good idea are really all the power one could ever need.


Kenton Bachmann is a Communication Major from Knoxville, TN. He is a member of the Track and Field/Cross Country team and specializes in middle-distance running. Aside from being a collegiate athlete, he enjoys reviving unsound rags of vintage clothing before the final journey to the landfill. He has a passion for advocating repurposed clothing in an unsustainable world of textile manufacturing.


Caroline Bailey is a Communication major with minors in Environmental Studies and Journalism at Wake Forest University. She hopes to intertwine her passion for nature and conservation with journalistic integrity throughout the remainder of her college career and beyond.


Imogen Blackburn is a Communication and Psychology double major with a minor in Entrepreneurship at Wake Forest University. Originally from just outside of London in the UK, she has a great passion for travelling to new places and exploring the world. She hopes to combine her interests for understanding those around her with her passion for helping others in this rhetorical chapter.


Madison Borsellino is a junior at Wake Forest University, majoring in Communication and minoring in Journalism and Politics & International Affairs. She is passionate about continuously building her experience through various organizations that she is involved in on campus. In her free time, she is spending time with friends and being outdoors.


Rory Britt is a student majoring in both Communication and Politics with a focus on the development of mass surveillance and social control systems in Southeast Asia. Hailing from Kennett Square Pennsylvania (the mushroom capital of the world), he enjoys rhetorical theory, reading fiction, and long walks on the beach.


Grant Brown is a senior at Wake Forest majoring in Communication. Grant is a proud Southerner from Atlanta, Georgia and appreciates the smaller things in life. Grant enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his friends and family.


Cassie Budill is a Junior at Wake Forest University from Larchmont, New York.  She is majoring in Communication with a concentration in integrated studies and art history. She is passionate about art.


Anna Campana is currently a sophomore at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, North Carolina. She is a student athlete at Wake, and is a part of the Wake Forest Women’s tennis team. She is from Hillsborough, California and is majoring in Communication and double minoring in Journalism and Entrepreneurship. One day she hopes to write for a column or become a magazine writer. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, cooking, or playing with her dog, Beau!


Sammy Clark is a Junior Communication and Studio Art double major at Wake Forest University and hails from Greenwich, Connecticut. She actively participates in the Program for Leadership and Character, seeking ways to apply her creative and collaborative disciplines to a positive purpose both on campus and after graduation.


Kaylah T. Cook is a student at Wake Forest University studying Communication, Film Studies, and Interdisciplinary Humanities. She aspires to combine her academic and cultural resources to pioneer and contribute to spaces that affirm and enhance the profound range of minority identities, especially those which belong to Black individuals.


Anthony D’Angelo is a Junior at Wake Forest University from Medfield, MA. He is studying Communication and Philosophy. Throughout his life, he has always loved writing or public speaking because he prides himself in his ability to communicate his thoughts with others. He loves to inspire people to express how they are feeling or how they feel about specific topics. Being from a large Italian family, he knows what it is like to vocally express your disagreements and opinions.


Anna DeCarlucci is a sophomore at Wake Forest University majoring in communication and minoring in entrepreneurship and writing. Anna is passionate about learning and education and is working towards tutoring at Wake Forest’s Writing Center. In her free time, Anna is an artist, abstract painter and aspiring entrepreneur trying to land the next, big idea!


Catherine Diemer is a junior at Wake Forest majoring in Communication and Economics. She is from Baltimore, Maryland, and is passionate about helping others.


Tayte Dupree is a Junior and Communication Major still looking for a suitable Minor at Wake Forest University. Tayte plays on the Varsity Men’s Tennis team at Wake Forest and loves the balance with being a Student-Athlete. Tayte loves everything to do with sports and plans to work in the sports industry.


Georgia Evans is a Psychology major with a minor in Communication at Wake Forest University. She is from Sydney, Australia and is on the Cross Country and Track & Field team at Wake Forest. She loves to travel to new places and try new activities. She also enjoys a good cup of coffee and basking in the sun on hot days. Georgia wrote her chapter about identity as she is part of the LGBTQ+ community and this is a word that is often discussed in relation to gender and sexuality.


Alex Fitzpatrick is a student at Wake Forest from Sheffield, England who is majoring in communication. He is also part of the Wake Men’s Golf team and one day would love to write a book about his journey through travelling and a career in professional golf. He has a passion for sport and creative design.


Royce Francis is ready to communicate with the masses. He is a communications major at Wake Forest University with a passion for public speaking and movies. This future idea sharer is focused on his inner confidence.


Blaise Gardineer is a Politics & International Affairs major and Communication minor at Wake Forest University. He is from Bowie, Maryland, a predominantly-black suburb of Washington, D.C. As the son of two government employees, values of service and giving back to the community were instilled in him at a young age. He hopes to embody these values through holding public office one day.


Micaela Giberti is a Communication major and an entrepreneurship minor at Wake Forest. As a child of parents who instilled the love for travel into her mind, she hopes to continue to explore the world and everything it has to offer.


Grace is a student at Wake Forest who learned how to tell stories through producing excuses for her late work in high school. She probably would have been kicked out of school if it were not for her silver tongue and–more realistically and importantly–the kindness and patience of her professors.


Being a born and bred New Yorker isn’t luxuriously lounging on the met steps, or galavanting around the village. It’s rough around the edges, gritty, chaotic, and authentic. Isabella Grana identifies most with New York because it’s no frills, you get what you get and you don’t get upset. The passion of New York and integrity it holds is something she hopes is evidently clear in her writing. Here is a quote that perfectly summarizes her personality on and off the page, “I may not be your cup of tea, and that’s because I’m a shot of tequila.”


Amy Harding-Delooze is a Junior at Wake Forest University, majoring in Communications with a focus on pursuing a career in Sports Marketing. She is from Sydney, Australia with a passion for communicating with others and appreciating and learning new cultures.


Lily Harding-Delooze is a junior at Wake Forest University, majoring in Communication. She is a member of the Track and Cross Country team and comes all the way from Sydney, Australia. She enjoys the outdoors especially surfing and swimming and has an interest in the Sports Marketing industry.


Bailey Heartfield is a Senior at Wake Forest University who graduated in May 2021 with a Communication and Psychology double major. Bailey was born in Texas, moved to North Carolina for college, and will live in New York post graduation. Bailey is a curious and adventurous academic who aims to both inspire and be inspired by others.


Omar Hernandez is a proud Hispanic adult who is grateful for the opportunities he has been given. He sees himself as a humble human being who is trying to repay their parents for every sacrifice and every moment they have given to better their kids. His parents have never thought about themselves but only to give their kids a better life than the one they had growing up. He is writing for the people back home. Those who look up to him. For his parents. Also, for anyone who feels like they do not have to change to impress others. You as a person are unique and have your own opinions and should abide by them. Do not change just because your friends are telling you too. Stick to your opinion, that is why we have a guy feeling when we know what is right and wrong.


Alex Herne is a Communication major and Entrepreneurship, Psychology and Politics minor originally from Greenwich, Connecticut. He enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching and playing soccer, and listening to music and podcasts.


Dionne Highley is a Communication major concentrating in Integrated Studies with a double minor in Psychology and Studio Art. Dionne was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador in a bicultural household where both English and Spanish were equally spoken. Her background has led her to become a curious and open person that wants to learn more about cultures and languages. She is passionate about traveling and meeting new people from diverse backgrounds.


Cameron Hite is a Communication major with a minor in Entrepreneurship at Wake Forest. He is currently a sophomore, and a student-athlete playing on the football team. His hometown is Greeneville, Tennessee. He hopes to pursue a career involving media in sports.


Jordan Tyler Houston is a third-year student at Wake Forest University pursuing a double major in Communication and Classical Studies, with a concentration in Public Advocacy and a minor in Writing. He has travelled much but considers the South his home, and loves to interrogate and explore the themes of identity and intertextuality.


Katherine Kaye is a Politics major with minors in Philosophy and Communication at Wake Forest University. Originally from Long Island, New York, Katherine has grown a love for the beach (especially during sunsets) and aspires to bring a positive change wherever life takes her. She hopes to intertwine her passion for politics and helping others throughout her career.


Drew Kendall is a Junior at Wake Forest where he studies Communication and Entrepreneurship while playing on the men’s baseball team. Drew enjoys the great outdoors and quality time spent with family and friends. Drew hopes to enlighten those who he interacts with.


Abby Krueger is a Communication Major with a Minor in Entrepreneurship at Wake Forest University. She is a student-athlete on the volleyball team. Abby enjoys human interaction and wellness and plans to further her knowledge in those areas.


Emily LaFar is a double major in Communication and Philosophy with a Spanish minor. In her spare time, she enjoys staying active, cooking, and reading a good book. From Charlotte, though Emily did not go far away for school, she loves to travel and experience new adventures with her friends and family. One of her favorite hobbies is to sing and she actively participates in an A Cappella group on campus called Demon Divas.


Anna Lawrence is an English major and a double minor in Communication and Film at Wake Forest University. This Colorado native is active, excitable, and as curious as a cat. When not working at the barn or DJing her radio show, Anna is probably hosting game night for her lovely group of friends. The many ways humans connect intrigue and inspire her, and she has spent this past year or so of this pandemic exploring the ways people connect with each other near and far.


Anna Lummus is a History and Communication double major and a political science minor. She loves meeting new people and building relationships. One day, she hopes to live in a big city and be able to walk to work.


Elizabeth Marr is an undergraduate student at Wake Forest University, studying Communication and Creative Writing. She is from Atlanta, Georgia and does most of her creative writing outside on the beautiful Beltline. In her free time, she enjoys visiting art galleries, eating raspberry gelato, and perusing farmer’s markets.


Tatenda Mashanda is a villager from Rushinga. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Communication and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and International Affairs from Wake Forest University. A writer and poet sometimes, Tatenda loves to talk about rhetoric and geopolitics, everything in context.


Kelly McCormick is a Communication major, with a minor in Politics and International Affairs at Wake Forest University. Kelly lives three miles outside of our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Kelly has a passion for helping others, both in a political setting and in their day-to-day lives.


Born and raised in the woods of New Hampshire, Braxton McNulty is a lover of the outdoors (hiking, fishing, camping, etc.) who is currently a junior at Wake Forest University with a major in Communication and minors in Entrepreneurship and Global Trade and Commerce. He grew up as an avid hockey player who was fortunate enough to continue playing in college despite being in the south where hockey is not as popular. Since he was young, Braxton and his father have been trying to visit every major league baseball park in the U.S. and they have done 19/30. When looking at life after college, Braxton is intrigued by how organizations position and define themselves in today’s society. Specifically, he hopes to work in the consumer packaged goods industry and is most interested in sales. As Braxton has gotten older, he has started to understand the importance of doing what matters personally and not worrying as much about how others perceive you which prompted him to write about the word identity for this assignment. He hopes that this essay will further show how curious he is about the many facets of life based on the subjects he elaborates on in his writing.


Morgan Milhollen is a double Communication and History major with a minor in Psychology at Wake Forest University. She is a member of the class of 2022. She is from Perry, NY and when she is not working or studying she enjoys reading, knitting, and spending time with friends, family, and pets.


Alex Murphey is a Communication and Spanish double major at Wake Forest. He is also a member of the Football team. Hailing from Naples, Florida, he hopes to make his way back to the Sunshine State to enjoy the Floridian lifestyle after his studies.


Kiya Norman is a sophomore at Wake Forest University from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a Communication major and Spanish minor. She has always had a passion for writing, communication, and understanding others. Her work is a reflection of her interests and she aspires for her writing to be relatable for many audiences, but to especially speak to young adults and teenagers. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family in her free time.


Molly Olson is a Communication major and Writing minor with a concentration in Media Studies at Wake Forest University. She hopes that her application of rhetorical knowledge will help others better understand the way we behave and see the world.


Atorian Perry is a Communication Major minoring in Entrepreneurship at Wake Forest University. A student-athlete a part of the Men’s Football team. Atorian is from Miami, Florida hoping to make films and own his own Black-Owned business.


Mannat Rakkar is a Health and Exercise Science major, with minors in both Communication and Bioethics, Humanities, and Medicine. She is a pre-medical student who is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. She hopes to use her knowledge and position in order to help vulnerable populations, especially in the healthcare field.


Kelly Reichert is a senior at Wake Forest University from Chicago, Illinois. She is a major in Communication and a double minor in Psychology and Economics. Kelly enjoys spending time with family and friends, while also reading a good book and going on long walks. She also enjoys traveling and trying new things. Her favorite activity, skiing, is something she greatly enjoys and looks forward to every winter.


Lucy Rice is a Communication major and Sociology minor. She is a lover of words and language who writes to express her thoughts and think critically. She is inspired by differing perspectives that help her to understand the word. She hopes to inspire thoughts upon others that help them learn new ideas and challenge them with her writing.


Rachel Singleton is a junior at Wake Forest, majoring in Spanish and Communications. She is from Nashville, TN, and although she appreciates travel and exploring new places, Nashville will always be home. She is passionate about writing, languages, the outdoors, and music and is eager to apply and enhance her language skills in the business world and beyond.


Shelley Sizemore is a practitioner-scholar currently serving as the Director of Community Partnerships in the Office of Civic & Community Engagement at Wake Forest University. In this role, she builds relationships with community partners, connects faculty, staff, and students to community based work, and works to measure the impact of partnerships between WFU and the community. She directs the ACE (Academic and Community Engagement) Fellows program for faculty interested in community-based teaching and research, coordinates support for over 100 community partners, and leads institutional strategies to deepen community partnerships. She received her B.A. and M.A. in Communication from Wake Forest University and is pursuing a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Education where her research is focused on community-based education for social justice, critical community building, and the rhetoric of activism and advocacy.


Eliza Jane Stamey is a junior at Wake Forest University from Greensboro, North Carolina. Eliza Jane is a Communication Major with a concentration in Integrated Communication and a minor in Psychology. She has a passion for fashion, beauty, and art. She hopes to inspire her readers to embrace their individuality and display their unique personal style.


Jack Talton is a junior anthropology student at Wake Forest University. He likes to sit at his desk overlooking the nature walk behind his apartment. This allows him to feel more in touch with himself, and ultimately leads to a calming productive setting for his writing to occur. Writing allows him to log experiences and recurring thoughts and helps him remember where he’s been and the important, well at least semi-important thoughts he has. There are several topics which inspire him to write. These include socioeconomic disparities, how American society normalizes outrageous activities and processes, free will and its illusion, and climate change.


Brendan Tinsman is a Communication major and member of the baseball team at Wake Forest University. Born in Portland, Maine and raised in nearby Cape Elizabeth, Brendan has always enjoyed the outdoors, especially spending time with friends and family on the ocean or one of the many local lakes.


Alessandra Von Burg is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Wake Forest University. Her research focuses on rhetorical theory, citizenship, mobility, noncitizens and nonplaces. She served as co-principal investigator and co-director for the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows (BFTF) Summer Institute, a Department of State-funded summer program for international and American students; and the director and executive producer of the Where Are You From? Project. Alessandra is the co-founder of the Every Campus a Refuge (ECAR) chapter at Wake Forest University and the Incubator@WFU, residential programs for refugees and asylum seekers; as well as the chair of the board of Latino Community Services (LCS).


Sandra Wang is a Communication major with a minor in Japanese Language Studies at Wake Forest University. Born and raised in Shenzhen, China and later moved to the US for education, Sandra loves being immersed in different cultures and connecting with people from various backgrounds.


Tiffany Wang is a Communication and Economics double major with a focus on film producing at Wake Forest. Hailing from Beijing, China, she enjoys writing scripts, watching films and watching sunsets and rises.


With curiosity and creativity serving as the heartbeat propelling her work, Megan Waterston is pursuing a Communication major and Politics minor at Wake Forest University. Megan enjoys spending time with her friends and family in addition to writing on her blog. She is always up for a good walk, road trip, and cup of coffee!


Matt Wolpe is a Political Science and Communication double major at Wake Forest. He enjoys spending time with friends (and dogs), soccer, film, and traveling.  Matt is from Massachusetts, and also enjoys going to Cape Cod in the summers.


Chase Woods is a student at Wake Forest. He has spent most of his time preparing for life after college and has a strong sense of what he wants to do when he graduates. He considers a defining feature of his college career that he moved through 5 different majors in his time at Wake Forest. He now values his ability to decisively choose what he wants, a skill which he believes came about as a result of not knowing what he wanted and forcing himself to find it instead of settling where he was. As a result he wants to apply this mentality to as many different things as he can, resulting in this chapter’s jab at current social tribalism.


Will Ziff is a junior at Wake Forest from Palm Beach, Florida. He is a double major in Economics and Communication, and loves writing, which brings out the best side of his personality. He enjoys spending time with his friends and watching sports.


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